My name is Tudor Cucu and I was born in a family of artists, teachers of art university, painters, costume designer, sculptors. I enrolled in
the Academy of Arts in Transylvania, focussing on photography, illustration and graphic design as well as advertising. After graduating, I
returned to Bucharest where I was introduced to the film industry. I set up a studio at Castel Film Studios and I pursued my passion for
fashion and art. I started taking pictures and making videos for important Romanian designers as well as for all the fashion magazines.
Rapidly, my work started getting noticed and soon I was working for European and Us company. I am a regular fixture at all the major
Fashion Weeks (NY, Paris, Milan...) for work and inspiration I travel between Europe and US frequently .
More recently, I started a partnership with MINI Cooper, doing exclusive creative direction, artistic photography and graphic design.
I am intimately involved in every step of the creative process, from start to finish.
Besides taking the photos I am also responsible for the art direction including the graphic design, set design and lighting.






Tudor Cucu

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